Six years ago, I started a private Face book group called Brainy Boys Disability Advocacy Group. This group is a space where caregivers and guests can privately vent as well as find resources that will help them with aspects of there loved ones day to day needs as they live with disabilities. Resources that I found through our continued process. That I was not aware of or they were not shared with me. Also sometimes just educating parents & caregivers on the rights they have when making decisions for their loved ones.

Brainy Boys Disability Advocacy Group, was created as a catalyst to support youth & families with disabilities. It was created in honor of my son. For our family to make a mark on a child’s life during the holiday season. A Child that has gone through a life-changing event. We mark every year after our traumatic experience, reflecting on God’s grace. A life-changing experience that changed our lives forever. We deal with this traumatic experience by helping others through advocacy & support for families in Central New York! We also every year embarked on a project we called the “Love Box Campaign. Which became a yearly holiday outreach for someone, family, or group of people who have been through a traumatic experience. As a family, we just strive during the holiday to help by putting smiles on the faces. Wanting these families to know they are not alone.

Since then we have established The Joe Family Foundation for Disability Advocacy June 2020. This foundation has been in the works for years. This is our next phase to expand on the current work that we do in the arena of disability advocacy & community outreach.